James Saeed
Software Engineer
Minimal Weather
An immersive and minimalistic iOS weather app, built using the native SDK, Alamofire and Yahoo Weather
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Fridge Track
An iOS app to track the contents of a person’s fridge, built using the native SDK and Firebase Auth+Database
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A responsive and minimalistic media centre written in Kotlin/Java and LibGDX with a voice assistant using API.AI
Source (Java) Source (Kotlin) Demo
Packt Publishing
In 2016 I began a relationship with Packt Publishing, authoring an Android course with them, and now an iOS course
An Android game written in Java using LibGDX, released on the Google Play Store when I was 14 years old
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How To Make a 2D Game
At 14 years old I published one of the most popular and well received 2D game development courses on YouTube
A text based game inspired by Minecraft written in Java contained in a Swing GUI when I was 13 years old